About Us

We have long recognized a big limitation of the coaching industry: the lack of verifiable and quantifiable results. More specifically, we have been asking "how do you link behavior change (produced by coaching) to tangible business outcomes?"

That's why in early 2019, we pursued a partnership with Harvard professor and researcher Amy Edmondson. Her company, The Fearless Organization, provides a measure for what she calls "Psychological Safety", the number one factor according to an independent five-year Google study, associated with team effectiveness.

This partnership puts us at the cutting edge of coaching. It enables us to deliver services that match the increasingly global, complex, and uncertain world of business. Unlike other coaching service providers, we have coaches that are uniquely trained to measure and improve the dynamics between team members in order to convert toxicity into high performance.

We grow your people so you can grow your company.

Management Team

Stephan Wiedner

CEO & Co-Founder

Kurt Shuster


Amy Bastow

Vice President of Corporate Accounts

Carolyn Durand

Process Manager


Don Markland

Sales Advisor

Martijn Sjoorda

Psychological Safety Advisor

Sander Hoeken

Psychological Safety Advisor

Tom Trezise

Strategic Advisor